Physiotherapy Higher Education

Lidia Carballo Costa

Ms. Lidia Carballo. Collaborating professor of the Department of Physiotherapy, Medicine and Cc. Biomedical of the Faculty of Physiotherapy. University of A Coruna.

Collaborating professor in the Department of Physiotherapy, Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Psychosocial Intervention and Functional Rehabilitation Research Group. Faculty of Physiotherapy. University of Coruna. Bachelor of Documentation. Master in Management and Research in Disability and Dependency. PhD in bibliometrics. She has been a visiting researcher at the Center for Research and Technology Studies (CWTS) of the University of Leiden (The Netherlands) since 2017. She has carried out research stays at the University of Sydney (Australia) and Escola Superior de Saúde de Alcoitao (Portugal). She has received funding for predoctoral research through the UDC-Inditex scholarships (2017) and the Official College of Physiotherapists of Galicia (2018 and 2019). She has presented his research work related to bibliometrics and health sciences in 3 articles in international journals (JCR), 10 communications in international congresses and 5 in national ones.

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