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Alicia Cuesta Gómez

Alicia Cuesta Gómez is a graduate of the Rey Juan Carlos University.

Extraordinary doctorate award, Physiotherapist from the Rey Juan Carlos University and Official Master's Degree in Motor Neurocontrol from the Rey Juan Carlos University. She has the favorable evaluation of the National Agency for the Evaluation of Quality and Accreditation (ANECA) as a University Professor. Branch of knowledge: Health Sciences.

She is currently an Interim Contracted Doctor Professor of the Department of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine at the Rey Juan Carlos University, to which she has been belonging through different figures since 2011. She has also been part of the organizing committee of different conferences and courses. During her teaching experience, she has directed more than 30 Final Degree Projects, 9 Final Master's Projects and a doctoral thesis defended in 2021. She is currently co-directing four doctoral theses. In addition, she holds the position of Academic Exchange Teacher Manager at the Rey Juan Carlos University for the Degree in Physiotherapy. As a teacher, it should be noted that she has obtained a positive assessment in two sections of Docentia and has participated in different projects of innovation and improvement of teaching quality.

She is a collaborating researcher on numerous research projects and a member of the LAMBECOM research team (Motion Analysis, Ergonomics and Motor Control Laboratory) from 2011 to the present. It is also part of the Biomedical Research Institute of La Paz University Hospital - IdipPAZ, belonging to the "Rehabilitation- Movement Analysis, Biomechanics, Ergonomics and Motor Control Laboratory" group. Within the LAMBECOM research team, she has participated in the HYPER, Robohealth, RoboGait and Roboasset projects. From which many publications are derived (36 indexed in JCR, with preferred authorship 21). She has done doctoral stays at Harvard University. Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Location: Boston, United States of America and University of California Irvine. Location: Irvine, United States of America.

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